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Fully offline app for quickly jotting down! With built-in superpowers 🚀: Always-on-top, Sidebar mode, Focus mode, Dark mode.

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Fully loaded with awesomeness!

All the most wanted features are baked in.


Always on Top

Notes window always stay on top, so that you can copy paste from other apps without switching between apps.


Sidebar Mode

Sidebar mode is perfect if you need to keep your notes app open at all times.


Focus Mode

Focus mode will remove all the colorful elements from the app so that you can Focus on your work only.


Animated Themes

Gorgeous & Handpicked themes available as per your taste. You can choose from various themes like - Dark Mode, Solar system, Aquarium, Valentine, Sunset, Rainbow, Evergreen, et al. You will love them all.

Award-Worthy Features

Privacy First

Only you own your notes data. Your data never leaves your computer.

Responsive Design

The app is crafted responsive from the ground up. You can resize the app to any size and use. It is 100% Responsive.

Lifetime Plan Available

If you buy our lifetime account, the app never expires. Once you buy it, it becomes yours, forever.

Invoice Available

Get your invoice for accounting or reference purpose.

Group Buys

Bulk buying in groups is allowed. No restrictions. Just that reselling is not allowed.

Amazing Support

We provide world-class email based support to help you achieve your best.

ZERO Tracking

No Analytics or telemetry exists in the app. We believe in your right of privacy.

100% Offline

App never send any kind of data outside your computer.

What is not included

  • 1 Mobile App is not available

    This extension is designed to be used on desktop browsers. Although premium users can read notes on any device (including mobiles, tablets) by signing into the website.

  • 2 No Sync between the devices

    The extension is meant to be used on single device. So if you own multiple computers, the data stays independent between them. No sync or sharing feature is there.

  • 3 Users cannot share data with each other

    This extension is designed for personal use only. You cannot share notes with your friends or colleagues.

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